All Alt House log cabins are constructed from laminated logs. This type of log is the best building material for this method of construction and has no comparison when it comes to air tightness, heat insulation and well fitted corner beams. By using laminated logs we are able to produce extremely thick logs which will give any log cabin an architectural grandeur and presence.

All the timber we use is harvested from responsibly managed forests in Northern Europe where trees grow incredibly slowly as a result of the severe climate. This makes for an extremely dense log - an ideal building material.

Once harvested the solid logs are kiln dried to a humidity of 20% (±2%) whilst the laminated logs are dried to humidity of 16% (±2%). As a result of the low moisture content, we are able to reduce shrinkage and settlement to a minimum.

Finally each joint is precision-cut to very close tolerances by computer-controlled machinery for consistent accuracy and fit. This lends to a draught free and energy efficient structure.

The profile of the wall, floor and roof have all been designed with meticulous detail in order to be compliant with current British Building Regulations.