Bespoke log cabins for residential and commercial use

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    Building Management System

    We will work with you in order to decide which features are essential to your present and future needs. Are there some rooms in your current home, like a second bedroom or a office, that are essential? Or, do you no longer have a need for 2 bathrooms? Consider a floor plan that supports your activities and will help your home remain functional and enjoyable through the years. Alt House has a number of designs for you to choose from, however we are able to personalise any structure to your suiting. If you provide us with a plan we will do our very best to accommodate your needs. Think about your property/site and determine which rooms should face the best views, be given prominence or tucked away for privacy. We work in conjunction with a number of talented architects which enables us to design individual solutions for each client and for each scheme with a firm understanding of construction detailing.

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    Electrically, we have been involved in extensive bespoke projects from underground mains services connections, right through to the second fixing of bespoke lighting, controls, audio/visual systems as well as fire and intruder alarms.

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    We are able to restructure the hot and cold water mains supply from the underground services to allow for connection for both kitchen and bathroom areas throughout your building. We will also carry out the installation of bespoke heating (including underfloor), ventilation and air conditioning units and their associated control systems.

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    We are aware that sustainability is extremely important both in our domestic and commercial projects. We pay particular attention to parts “L” and “F” of the building regulations in an attempt to find low carbon solutions. We work closely with a number a companies to ensure that our buildings always perform well with regard to air tightness tests and energy performance.

    We are also committed to the design of buildings with the capacity to harness renewable technologies. Whether this be the installation of solar PV or rain water harvesting we are always looking for new ways to make our buildings greener.


Serving the UK
from the Cheshire

We deliver and offer project management for your timber homes nationwide. No matter where in the UK you are, we can meet your needs.

  • Excellent customer service.
  • UK based company and support.
  • High quality timber and log cabins.
  • Alternative housing solutions.
Why logs?Log homes are becoming more and more popular all over the UK, and offer some rather large advantages for homesteaders and commercial clients alike. Strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing are the obvious characteristics that spring to mind when considering timber as a building material. It is also environmentally friendly. This is in part due to its sustainability as a plentiful and renewable resource, and also because it is a great insulator. It has an excellent capacity to store thermal energy in its dense cellular structure. For this reason timber is very effective in preventing the transfer of heat and cold, maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round. Heating costs are often much lower than that of a conventional brick built house.
Foundations? The type of foundation required will be based on a structural engineer's specification which in turn is based on ground conditions. Most log cabins only require shallow foundations. This may include slab, raft or strip types. On very rare occasions deep foundations are required (perhaps if there are very large design loads or poor soil at shallow depth) We are more than happy to design and construct any type of foundation however we are also happy for you to carry out this process yourself if you wish, advising you whenever necessary to achieve the correct specification to satisfy current building regulations.

Treatment? All wood products need maintaining to keep their lustre and to protect them from ultraviolet light, wind and rain. We advise that you treat the outside of the building with any kind of micro porous wood stain. This should be carried out at least once every 2 years to protect the wood and keep the building looking it's best.
M&E? If your project requires extensive mechanical and electrical design and installation we are able to work with you to fulfil all your requirements. We have gained a great deal of knowledge installing bespoke lighting, HVAC systems and audio/visual arrangements in a number of domestic and commercial projects.We would like to think that our expertise is continually evolving in order to keep up with the latest technology and high tech equipment.

Turnkey solution? This is extremely popular with our commercial clients and centres around a "Design and Build" package. This option includes both the electrical and mechanical fit out as well as tiling and the installation of all fixtures and fittings (Bathroom and kitchen suites). This procedure is based on comprehensive specifications, including brand names, quantities and colours.
Planning Permission? Applications for Planning Permission can be extremely complicated and the quality of the submission is often a factor in obtaining an elusive permission. We are able to take the lead in both the design process and the planning submission or work with your Planning Consultant should the project be of sufficient complexity

Alt House doesn't just build log cabins. We build homes.

Alt House pride ourselves on constructing log cabins of the highest quality, so you are proud to call your cabin...home.
Built to last a long life span and give you and your family years of high quality lifestyle.

Jonathan Sanders

Project Director

Jonathan's passion is engineering, constructing and delivering beautiful sustainable housing to the UK.

Jonathan says "Alternative timber housing is not just a good financial investment, but also an incredible addition to quality of life. Living amongst nature in a natural environment not only provides a positive and beautiful environment, but also increases wellbeing."

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When nature meets contemporary, a home of beautiful design and construction is created.

Jonathan Sanders

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